YogaAsanas to keep you warm and fit during the winter season


How do you like to spend your winters? All snuggled up in blankets waiting for the body to feel warm? Or constantly shivering and quivering? Curling up in your blanket seems like a fair choice too but you cannot spend the entire few months this way.

Taking the help of external heat could be an option but how long are you planning to sit in front of a heater or a fireplace, there will always be a space where the heat will not reach you and you will go back to the loop of feeling constantly cold again.

However, what if I told you a simple 20 min physical activity that can help keep your body warm throughout? Performing a Yoga sequence not only helps in weight loss but also helps to generate the inner body heat required for the proper functioning of the body.

This can especially work wonders for those who find winters unbearable to an extent that they are willing to try almost everything and anything. And by far, the best way to beat the ruthless cold weather conditions would be to perform Yoga every morning.

Yoga is something that you can perform anywhere and anytime. It does not require props and is accessible. Along with Yoga, you need to stay hydrated during winters as well.

It is a misconception when people think that bodies do not dehydrate during winters, however, there are higher chances of dehydration during winters as we feel less thirsty buy urinate more.

Let us discuss a few Yoga poses or Asanas that can help keep you warm in the winters:

Kapalabathi: This asana helps to stimulate the functioning of your internal organs and helps in the generation of heat through the rapid form of breathing. It helps to boost your metabolism by releasing energy that gets distributed in your body. This comes in a set of rapid breathing done rapidly in a rhythm way. Every time you inhale, you take a deep breath and pull your navel towards your belly and push it out every time you exhale. You have to take 20 such breaths to complete one set of Kapalabhati.

Headstand: This asana can appear intimidating at first; however, it’s a perfect pose to keep you warm and cozy in the winters. It helps to strengthen your body as well as create a sense of stability and balance. For this, you can start practicing it against the wall. Lie down and slowly lift your upper in such a way that the entire weight of your body is balanced by your arms while the body remains off the floor taking support of the wall.

Virabhadrasana: Also known as warrior pose, it helps to build mass and bring elasticity to your muscles. It helps to improve your stability and focus which will work best for creating warmth in your body. For this pose, you are required to stretch your body forward in such a way that you lean on one knee while your other leg remains stretched backward. Your entire top body remains stretched backward with joined hands while your chest is facing the ceiling.

Plank pose: This is one of the best Yoga exercises focused on strengthening your core, arms, and chest muscles. It does wonders for individuals looking for waist-slimming and weight loss. This pose can be a little difficult for beginners as it requires a high level of balance and stability. First, you lie down on your belly and slowly get up such that your entire body remains balanced on your arms including your elbows. The only point of contact you have with the ground is your arms up to elbows and toes while the entire body remains aligned in a single line balancing in air.

Boat pose: It helps to strengthen abdominal and hip flexors and requires maintaining body balance. It is a very efficient pose for keeping you warm and snuggled up in winters. For this pose, you are required to sit on the floor and slowly lift your feet in such a way that you create a “V “with your body. Your legs are facing the ceiling and your upper body is aligned backward with your arms stretched forward trying to maintain the balance.

A piece of short and brief information has been provided above for a better understanding of how to perform Yoga for the winter season, which can keep you warm and homely. Yoga is an authentic way to generate body heat that keeps you infernally warm with a boosted metabolism. You must give Yoga a try this upcoming winter.

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