Is Blogging Dead in year 2021 ?

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“Blogging is dead!” they’ll say, adding on that nails-on-blackboard state, “Don’t stop your normal everyday employment.”

It brings up the issue: is contributing to a blog still applicable in 2021? Or on the other hand is it a relic of times gone by?

Shockingly, there’s some reality to what those individuals say. Yet, fortunately, they’re not completely right, all things considered.

There are numerous sorts of writing for a blog — and the kind of publishing content to a blog the vast majority know about is dead. In any case, that doesn’t imply that a wide range of writing for a blog are out of date.

Blogging hasn’t died. It has simply changed from what it used to be, and it’s still changing today.

Indeed, individuals actually read web journals. On numerous occasions a day, even! It simply looks somewhat changed in light of the fact that the substance of blog entries has moved from being author centered to being peruser centered. Which, at last, is the thing that makes writing for a blog so productive.

Give arrangements, and afterward give far and away superior (paid) arrangements, and individuals will get them.

Step by step instructions to Make Blogging Worth Your Time

So clearly publishing content to a blog is awesome, and it’s certainly still pertinent and productive.

Yet, there’s a trick:

You need to do it the correct way.


Be Strategic with Your Content

I see an excessive number of entrepreneurs making content that has no reason other than to get some extra site visits. And keeping in mind that that is incredible, most online entrepreneurs (particularly solopreneurs) don’t have the opportunity to blog without system.

Give a Good User Experience

This ought to be an easy decision, however it’s normal ignored with new site proprietors and bloggers! The client experience of your site (and your substance) is significant for performing admirably on stages like Google and Pinterest.

Write Something That People Are Searching For ?

In these days, many bloggers are writing content, that is of no use. And They are building backlinks to rank high but without beneficial content, it is waste. Content is the Real King.

Submit Sitemap Properly in Search Console

Many Times bloggers are not updating their sitemap or not indexing their new pages. Google don’t know if that page exist or not.

Be Punctual ! Post Everyday or 2-3 Times a Week

Punctuality is the Key. Bloggers post at any time when their post is ready. Avoid This condition. Find The best posting time according to your niche and always post on that time. So Google Bot automatically index your new posts and rank you high.

Do Social Bookmarking 

Social Bookmarking your blog post will help you index your new post fast and also it can drive traffic fro bookmark website too.

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