How to Fix Invalid Partition Table On Windows 10?


In Windows PC the drives are divided into “Partitions”. There is usually one partition for each hard drive. Operating systems treat each partition as a distinct drive. The properties of each partition are saved in a file known as “Partition Table”. When you boot your PC, you’ll see an error message which reads “Invalid Partition Table_” and the boot process is not able to be completed in the Operating System.

The partition table did not function effectively when it was damaged. If the partition table becomes damaged and the system is unable to boot, it won’t be able to start normally. Let’s examine how to fix this issue by reading this guide.

What Causes Invalid Partition Table Error?

The most frequent reason for this issue is a corrupted and damaged partition tables caused by a failure of the disk drive or hard drive error. The partition table is found within the Master Boot Record (MBR). It is a problem when “Invalid partition table_” also occurs when MBR detects two active partitions on the disk. Another reason for the error is a bad sequence of boot. A wrong boot sequence can cause an inability to boot. A dated BIOS can also cause “Invalid partition table_” error.

11 Ways To Fix Invalid Partition Table Error On Windows

Here are 11 ways to resolve the Invalid partition table issues that you might encounter when installing Windows 10 or Ubuntu or after cloning an OS. Find out more about them.

1.Press Esc Key

Pressing the Esc button may assist in fixing this problem. According to a lot of users, pressing the Esc key will allow Windows booting without issue. Be aware that this solution is only temporary. It is necessary to do it again if the issue arises.

2.Disconnect Other Usb Devices

This issue could be due the USB devices. These devices can cause problems during the process of starting the computer, and create this error. To fix this issue, unplug all connected USB devices and check whether the issue is resolved or not. Then, you can connect USB devices one at a to determine which one is responsible for the error.

3.Check Your Boot Priority

To fix this issue You must go into BIOS and start manually. Be sure to chosen your hard drive to be the primary boot device. You can disable USB or other boot devices. Save the changes and restart your system. The system should be capable of booting.

4. Turn Off Secure Boot In Bios

Secure boot offers protection for your computer, however sometimes this is the reason of the problem. To resolve this issue, switch off safe mode, which is to turn off the secure boot option disabled in the BIOS.

Turn on the PC by pressing DEL either F1 or F2 based on the manufacturer’s instructions to get into BIOS

Enable the secure boot

Save the BIOS settings and exit configuration

5. Perform Startup Repair To Fix Partition Table

Startup Repair automatically scans your hard disk for errors and attempts to correct the issue. To set up the program first, you must turn off and turn on your computer three times while it is booting. After the third attempt Windows 10 will go into diagnostics mode.

Click Advanced Options to open the Recovery screen. is displayed.

Click on Troubleshoot Startup

Click on Advanced Options

Click the Startup Repair option

Choose your account

Enter your password for your account (if you have one).)

Simply click the Continue button

6. Upgrade Bios Version

When you upgrade your bios, overall performance of your computer improves. Thus Upgrading Bios version might help in fixing Invalid Partition Table.

Click on Start

Start by opening System Information (Type “msinfo” in the search box , then hit System Information near the top of the the Start window)

Find the model number of your computer (skip this section if have a custom-built system)

Look up Your BIOS Version number

Start your BIOS Support site for your manufacturer

There is a BIOS update file

Get the updated file

7. Rebuilding Mbr

The MBR (Master Boot Record) is an application code that loads that is located at the start of the computer’s hard disk. It comprises the Operating System boot loader and Partition table for the device storage. Rebuilding MBR can resolve this issue. To repair MBR this procedure can be carried out in this order:

Insert the Windows Installation Media

Restart your PC and then boot from the installation disc

Click Repair your Computer

Select Command Prompt from System Recovery Options

Enter the following command, and then press Enter following each command.

Restart your computer

8. Fixing By Command Prompt

It is possible to fix Invalid Partition Table by command prompt. To fix this issue it is possible to follow these steps: be carried out:

Press the Windows Key and X simultaneously

Open Command Prompt

The following commands should be entered when you open the Command Prompt opens-

9. Check Partition Using Diskpart

Start Windows Installation Media Windows Installation Media Windows Installation Media

Choose the appropriate language, time and the keyboard. After that , click on Repair your computer.

Select one of the Windows Installation drive. It’s which is usually “C” drive and click Next

Select Command Prompt from System Recovery Options

Enter the commands below and then press Enter after each command.

” diskpart

list volume

select volume x

inactive “

10. Check Hardware Failure

Recovering from a hardware malfunction will require repairs or replacing of the faulty component. In the beginning, make sure that all cable connections to the driver aren’t damaged. Then, make sure that all connections to the driver are made correctly. We don’t recommend you conduct further checks on your own. Contact your PC manufacturer to assist in the repair of your hardware

11. Change Boot Sequence

The wrong boot sequence might cause this issue to happen. To fix this, remove any devices that are not needed and then open the option to boot. Make sure that your PC is configured to boot using the correct system boot. Restart your computer to determine whether the issue has been resolved or not.


These are the best 11 ways to fix Invalid Partition Table in Windows 10. These strategies are beneficial to fix this issue in an the most simple way. If you’ve tried these steps well, you’re currently using your computer without getting frustrated by this issue.

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