Complete Guide For How To Open Outlook In Safe Mode


Here is the complete guide to How to open Outlook in safe mode

Our daily lives revolve in Outlook and we begin to appreciate this application once we are accustomed to use it for all hours of the day. Outlook has helped solve many issues and has brought all the latest and needed features into one.

However, it can be difficult to comprehend for someone who is making the switch in the very first instance. there are numerous features that people are unable to use it. But don’t worry, we will be here to resolve your problems In this post, we’re trying to fix the problem of How to open Outlook in safe mode.

Before we get into this, we need to be aware of the safe mode of outlook and how you can open Outlook with a safe setting. In the event that for any reason Outlook ceases to respond or cause problems and it is essential to be able to access the program, then there’s a safe mode for you to use.

The safe mode feature is a supplement to Outlook that you can use in the event that your Outlook is not functioning properly The only drawback to this is that we may be unable to access all features in outlook but all of essential functions will work effortlessly. This is a lifesaver because it could be used to protect us from emergencies. All that is to be aware of is how to start Outlook with Safe mode.

Step-by-step process for opening Outlook in Safe Mode

It is possible to access it using these steps that are readily available. We will go over each of them in detail so that we can comprehend them properly: Tap on

With the help of a keyboard:

First check Outlook and then press the first hole to Ctrl key on your keyboard. After pressing on Outlook and a pop-up window will pop up that clearly request that you enter safe mode, which you will be able to accept, and the program will begin.

Run Box option:

Although, even after this feature is available, we don’t often use this feature but it’s an option we have to start the run box through the start menu or select the shortcut Windows + R Key which will start running in a flash. You will need to type in an command that is outlook.exe/safe and then you will be in safe mode. It will prompt you to select your primary default profile, which is Outlook which you need to choose and click OK, and the safe mode will begin.


To make an easy alternative shortcut, you must at first tap the right button on your PC screen, and then a few seconds later , you’ll be able to select the “New” option. within a short period of time you’ll be able to look at the easy choice in the bar. Select it. A little while later, we’ll go to a little tangled click on the examine the choice and choose the view executable record that can be found on the c drive in the structure. Prior to running, it attempts to add/secure around the completeness of the report’s name.

Following this you’ll be dragged closer to naming an appropriate name to your backup plan of action, meaning which you could include Outlook Safe mode or any name that is recognizable to. Additionally, after that you will be able to open the alternate shortcut to utilize it.

Cortana Search:

An exceptionally basic strategy is to provide an order of – Outlook.exe/protected on the cursor bar and pick, choice and afterward run it for the experimental model.

The problem of how to start Outlook with security mode has been solved.

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