aludec – a new generation surfaces for your uPVC windows with the look and feel of aluminium


aluplast has introduced “aludec” – Inspired by Style, the next generation aluminium surfaces for uPVC windows and door. The surface is designed and developed with innovative scratch-resistant graining with a sand-matt feel of powder-coated aluminium to enhance the style quotient and transform the foiling technology.

aludec promises to offer all the benefits of a uPVC Window but the look of aluminium windows. It offers the high-quality look of an aluminium shell in combination with easy processing and a pleasing experience. The new generation surface can be easily laminated on uPVC window profiles of many colors. Some of the distinguishing features of aludec are:

  1. Scratch resistance
  2. Sand matt feel
  3. PVDF coating
  4. Chemical resistance
  5. Easy of cleaning
  6. cool-colors technology and low heat absorption
  7. Best option for hot climatic conditions

Let’s explore the above points to have a better understanding of the foil. Having the look and feel of powder-coated aluminum, aludec is set apart by a particularly fine yet compactly structured surface. This characteristic makes it ideal to be used inside and outside. One of the key features of aludec is that it comes with innovative scratch-resistant graining and also resists mechanical stress effectively. All these properties make the use of unsuitable and even slightly abrasive cleaning agents possible without causing any damage to its surface.

aludec has PVDF coating which makes its surface resistant to harsh chemicals, including graffiti. The coating also makes the surface easy to clean. Water and mild detergents are enough for cleaning it. Unsuitable cleaning agents and even solvent containing substances do not damage its surface. Since the surface resists mechanical stress beautifully, it remains a perfect surface even after years of rough and tough use.

The foil is a three-layered system comprising the coloured base foil which is great at reflecting IR radiations, which is why it does not absorb much heat. Less heat absorption means temperature change is minimum. Even dark colors do not absorb much heat. This makes aludec the best in its category to be used in regions with high solar radiations, keeping your windows dimensionally stable. In addition, there is safety in use as low heat absorption means there will be no closing or sealing problems.

The foil is available in trendy colors comprising a number of shades ranging from white to black for you to choose.

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